Cat Scratching Pad

scratching pad

Astro The Cat ... "The Boss"

ASTRO is a five year old neutered male cat that was adopted from a cat shelter. When he was four, Astro was found in an automobile salvage yard. He was thin and quite greasy and not very happy.

Now Astro is very happy and content as the CEO of his companies, which make the Astro Scratching Pad and Here Kitty Cat Locator. Astro is in charge of morale. quality control, and vacation time.

Astro's goal is to have the most satisified customers (cats, that is) all over the world. Astro also wants to learn to fly the company plane, a Mooney Rocket. For now, Astro sits in the pilot seat (on someone's lap) and loves to look out the window.

Astro loves to get email from cats who have tried his scratching pads, his super organic catnip, and his cool cat locator. He would also love to get email from other cats who like to fly. And to all Astro's friends: "Meeow!"

Astro's confession: "Sometimes I hide from the guy who feeds me, so he got me a Here Kitty Cat Locator.
I would never tell him, but it's nice to be found! Click here for a picture of me in my cute collar, and get one for your kitty, too."

Here's Astro in his favorite plane, the Mooney Rocket!
Here's Astro at 17,000 feet with his oxygen mask.